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ANANA in Oman

An interactive musical reading for children from 3 to 122 with Banana Handpuppet, Singing, Piano, Flute, Canun


Premiere on 16.08.2023 in Studio Pompette of Buch & Wein Frankfurt/Main


Singing, Recitation, Handpuppet-Playing: Theresa Stenzel

Piano: Ioanna Moudanioti

Kanun: Eleanna Pitsikaki

Flute, Harmonium: Konstantinos Margaris

Text: Theresa Stenzel

Composition: Konstantinos Margaris, Ioanna Moudanioti, Theresa Stenzel, Elenna Pitsikaki, Ghays Mansour

Handpuppet Design and Production: Neveen Hussein

Illustration, Graphic: Ioanna Moudanioti

Concept and Direction: Theresa Stenzel

In cooperation with Ensemble ParaΞenon

The project is supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt

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