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Music-Dance-Performance with two Dancers, two Singers, Percussion, Piano and Sounds.

Premiere at 7th of October 2021 at Landungsbrücken Frankfurt/Main.

In ANEINANDER six artists enter into an artistic dialogue with themselves and with each other. What is the significance of religion today? In what way are we shaped by religion?
Starting from religiously connoted forms of movement and music, the artists developed a music-dance-performance through interdisciplinary approaches. Elements of jazz and world music meet performance art and contemporary dance. Boundaries, as they exist between arts or religions, are explored and questioned anew. The aim is a new communal experience based more on sensual than verbal communication and on opening up new perspectives on religion and identity.

Dance/Choreography: Nadja Simchen, Jol Alholo
Vocals: Theresa Stenzel, Ghays Mansour
Piano/Sound: Key Szolt
Percussion: Youssef Laktina
Text and Composition: Theresa Stenzel, Ghays Mansour
Sound and Light: Johannes Grübl
Photography and Video: Stefan Milev 
Graphic: Luisa Klett 
Concept and Direction: Theresa Stenzel

Supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main, Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten Frankfurt am Main, Peter Paul & Emmy Wagner-Heinz Stiftung, EKHN-Stiftung and Förderverein FUAS.

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