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An interdisciplinary performance of Greek and German recitation, shadow theatre, dance, interactive visual art, singing, flutes, bouzouki, guitar, double bass, percussion, piano and electronic sounds.


Premiere on 30th of July 2022 at International Theatre Festival Sommerwerft Frankfurt/Main.

In six short stories, which are based on personal experiences, we question narratives of cultural encounters and translate them into language, music and images.

Dance: Konstantinos Chairetis

Interactive Visual Art: Alexandra Niaka

Recitation/Vocals: Theresa Stenzel/Marianna Ntinou/Maria Menegaki

Flutes: Konstantinos Margaris

Bouzouki: Tilemachos Athanasiadis

Guitar: Dimitris Zacharioudakis

Canun: Tarik Thabit/Eleanna Pitsikaki

Double bass: Nikolay Boshkov

Percussion: Maro Panagi

Keyboard/Sounds: Denny Seidel

Texts: Theresa Stenzel/Konstantinos Margaris/Xenia Eichwald/Maria Menegaki

Composition: Konstantinos Margaris/Denny Seidel/Tilemachos Athanasiadis/Dimitris Zacharioudakis

Mask- & Costume Design: Helen Wichern

Photography/Film: Eray Aydin

Management: Xenia Eichwald/Theresa Stenzel

Concept/Direction: Ensemble ParaΞenon

Supported through Goethe Institut, Intergeo Greece and Kulturamt Frankfurt

Theresa Stenzel Paraxenon Performance Ensemble Frankfurt
Theresa Stenzel Paraxenon Performance Musik Schattentheater intercultural
Theresa Stenzel Ensemble PAraxenon Frankfurt Musik Performance

Photo: Barbara Walzer

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